Romsey Tanker 1

In September 2005, CFA introduced a crew cabin four-wheel drive
3.4C Heavy Tanker (Varley build). It was constructed on the Hino
Ranger PRO 8Z four-wheel drive diesel engine powered crew cab

The classification 3.4C means:
3 = 3,750 litres of water (including 750 litres of reserve water);
4 = Four-wheel drive; and
C = Crew cabin.


Height over beacons 3.01 metres

Overall Length 7.83 metres

Overall Widths:


2.49 metres (body)

3.00 metres (including side mirrors)

Wheelbase 4.65 metres

Turning Circle 20.00 metres (kerb to kerb)

Gross Vehicle Mass:

Allowable 13.90 Tonnes

Operational 13.25 Tonnes

Romsey Light Pumper

In August 2009, CFA released the production version of the Hino Cab Chassis, 2,500 litre pump capacity Light Pumper. This appliance incorporates many new features from the previous Type 2 Pumper manufactured in the early 1980’s. Appliances built from March 2010 have an automatic transmission.

These new items include:
the crew cabin with seating for five crew; and a fibreglass water tank of 1,200 litres capacity. The water tank level system uses the lnstrotech levelling system as well as the 100 litre foam tank.

The appliance: has been constructed on the Hino 816, two-wheel drive, diesel engine powered crew cab chassis; build-up comprises a steel sub frame complete with aluminium extrusion frame sheeted body; incorporates a 1,200 litre fibreglass water tank and aluminium stowage lockers; has been fitted with a Rosenbauer N25 fire fighting pump set powered from the vehicles engine through a split shaft power take off; incorporates a 100 litre Class B foam tank for use with an inductor outlet fitted in the pump bay area; and has a foam transfer pump fi tted to the fill line.

Romsey Tanker 2

Romsey Tanker 2


This is our Brigade owned tanker that was purchased with funds raised from the local community.

This tanker holds 3000 litres of water, and is a two wheel drive 2000 model Hino GD Ranger.